Supported platforms

Here's the full list of ecommerce platforms Konbini supports right now.

PlatformAPIKonbini Link
Magento (Adobe Commerce)✔️✔️

* Supported, but requires platform credentials to be configured.

Looking for a platform we don't support?

We're always working on adding support for more platforms, based on what people tell us they need. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's a platform you need that's not on this list!

Platform credentials

Unfortunately, for reasons that are out of our control, some platforms will be disabled or only partially supported unless you provide credentials for that platform. The way you can obtain these credentials depends on the platform, but it usually involves signing up for a developer account and creating an "app" for the platform (e.g. a Shopify app), which may or may not involve going through a manual approval process.

In Konbini, platform credentials can be configured in the settings for each of your apps in your Konbini dashboard. Whether or not you configure platform credentials for an app (and which platforms you do so for) is completely up to you.

Platform notes


For this platform, the following features require platform credentials to be configured:

You can obtain credentials by creating a Shopify app. Note that, depending on the type of Shopify app you create, you may need to pass Shopify's app review process.

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